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2K-Reality: Designing a Compliant Sports Augmentation for Pickup Basketball

2K-Reality is an Amplified Reality system that blends the NBA 2K videogame series with real pickup basketball. Installed next to a pickup basketball court, 2K-Reality invites people to actuate a iPad-based digital audio sampler connected to public address (PA) speakers. Pickup basketball spectators adopt the role of a make-believe NBA-arena-DJ to perform interpretive NBA-themed soundscapes, that articulate and amplify the aesthetics of pickup basketball. The soundscapes immerse players and spectators in a mix of broadcast-style commentary, arena-style crowd sound effects and contemporary music break beats. The make-believe NBA experience provides players with an opportunity to perform on the ‘big stage’—a universal and motivating sports fantasy.

Sonar+D 2017 Demonstration Poster

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Project Achievements

• Selected Public Artwork Exhibit at ISEA2015, the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art, Vancouver Canada.
• Demonstration Exhibit at Sonar+D 2017 MarketLab, Barcelona Spain.
• Published peer reviewed paper: T. P. Ryan, and J. Duckworth. 2017. 2K-Reality: An Acoustic Sports Entertainment Augmentation for Pickup Basketball Play Spaces. In Proceedings of AM ’17, London, United Kingdom, August 23–26, 2017.
     Nominated for Best Paper at Audio Mostly 2017.
     Awarded Best Conference Presentation at Audio Mostly 2017.
• Co-published Paper for Derivative Football Application; Strandby, M. W., Szatkowski, M. K., Petersen, J. L., Storebjerg, A., Dindler, C., & Ryan, T. P. (2016). URBAN FIFA: augmenting social sports with video game elements. In Proceedings of the 9th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, ACM.
• Research supported by Shih-Chien University, Department of Industrial Design, Taipei Taiwan.
• PhD Design Research Project.

ISEA2015 Exhibition Photo

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2K-Reality iOS App Primary Interface

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