SIV (Surfing Interactive Video): An Interactive Sports Video Production for DVD-Video

SIV is an interactive adventure sports movie that explores the international culture of surfing. It utilises the DVD-Video platform in an original and unconventional manner to demonstrate the entertainment gap between console-based sports simulations and broadcast live action sport. Constructed around three generic surfing themes - Hawaii, Australia and the 1990s; SIV presents sixty-seven waves of surfing that highlight the creative, cultural and commercial aspects of the global phenomenon.

DVD Packaging


Linear Sample Video - Introduction: Hawaii: Tandem Surfing: 1969 Coca-Cola TVC.

Project Achievements

• First DVD-Video to be produced in Australia.
• Selected for exhibition at Digital Arts & Culture ‘99: New Media and Contemporary Culture, Atlanta U.S.A.
• Awarded Multimedia Internet Network Research Travel Scholarship.
• Financed by the Film Victoria Multimedia 21 - Independent Producer Package.
• Financed by the Australian Multimedia Enterprise - Concept Development Funding. 
• Master of Arts (Animation and Interactive Media) Design Research Project.